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The CERECONS Case Management module provides hospitalists, medical directors, primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists, auxiliary providers, case managers, nurses, and coordinators with automated tools and information to manage and coordinate the delivery of patient care across the care chain. With CERECONS, providers get fingertip access to centralized clinical data, patient history, care plans, assessments, and other vital documentation, ensuring that effective treatment plans are carried out, while concurrently managing resources and efficiencies.

Through innovative technology and key workflow analysis, the CERECONS’ Case Management module allows cases to be entered directly from the hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Electronic Eligibility Verification is also incorporated into the workflow used to create patient cases, and the CERECONS Authorization Search Engine allows the user to attach authorizations during the Case Creation phase. Case notes are entered with ease as individual fields have been added to provide headers for initial assessment or patient follow-up. Assigning a hospitalist, case manager, or coordinator electronically offers intuitive, secure, online case entry and helps Utilization Management address staffing needs. Case Alerts provide individual case statistics by assigned user, as well as access links to view authorizations.


  • Provides users with access to centralized clinical information, patient history, care plans assessments, and other vital records such as laboratory and pharmacy use.

  • Allows users to create a new case independent of patient status or level of care, capture all patient activity in a single case record, and then display it directly on the portal clinical dashboard of hospitalists, medical directors, primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists, auxiliary providers, case managers, nurses, and coordinators.

  • Delivers census and status information for each facility by physician, hospitalist, and patient.

  • Offers various level of care reports that can be used to track and manage overhead based on the average length of stay and the case costs for each facility type.

  • With the new SNF reimbursement policy from CMS, Case Managers will realize substantial financial rewards with the right Case Management tools.

  • Coordinates discharge information for follow-up care.

  • Allows tracking of clinical history, care plan, and other documentation.

  • Uses innovative technology and key workflow analysis of the managed care environment to incorporate online Case Entry, allowing patient cases to be created and entered directly from the Hospital or SNF.

  • Incorporates Electronic Eligibility Verification to the patient case creation workflow and allows users to attach authorizations during the Case Creation phase via the CERECONS Authorization Search Engine.

  • Adds individual fields to provide headers for Initial Assessment or Patient follow-up, allowing Case Notes to be entered with ease.

  • Assigns the proper hospitalist, case manager, or coordinator electronically in contrast to paper processes, which offers intuitive, secure, online case entry.

  • Supports the import of current evidence-based care guidelines into the Case Management module with an optional automated link to Milliman® Care Guidelines®

  • Fully integrates with the existing CERECONS product suite, delivering both data integration and data interchange in the same location.

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CERECONS is a Finalist for the MS HUG Innovation Award 2008 CERECONS Wins the MS HUG Innovation Award 2006
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