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Lab Registry

Do you know your high risk-population?

CERECONS latest module is Lab Registry, a population management tool that helps manage the patient population in a rapid, accurate and intuitive manner. This module, which is easily added to the CERECONS suite, provides a window to risk-risk clients through viewing and analyzing lab results on a population or individual patient basis.

Too often lab results that could lead to early treatment are buried in stack of lab reports or online reports coming from disparate sources. Now, with Lab Registry, the staff can quickly look at population lab data, and also drill down to patient lab report trends. Patients can be proactively identified then send for diagnosis where appropriate treatment will be prescribed. Without such a proactive approach based on lab data patients may be untreated until the condition becomes acute.

Lab Registry can also be used to quickly query the lab result profile of the entire patient population or segments of the population. This is very useful in clinical planning and in supporting programs such as Medicare and P4P.

The CERECONS Lab Registry module provides clinical staff and medical administrators with the following benefits:

  • Improved patient care - rapid and accurate identification of at-risk patients based upon lab results
  • Reduced administrative workload - A single intuitive user interface automatically consolidates all lipid, diabetes, and renal lab data from multiple sources without manual analysis or data entry
  • Early treatment - Easily identify lab results that may lead to chronic conditions
  • Centralized action list - Document actions at the patient level, (such as phone calls, appointments, additional tests) that are associated with the lab condition
  • P4P Opportunity - Rapid, accurate query of population lab data for P4P incentive programs
Lab Registry Data Sheet

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