Cerecons software is strategically designed with a number of interchangeable modules that meet the diverse patient care and operational needs of today’s dynamic healthcare organizations. These modules integrate seamlessly into a robust, end-to-end solution that provides critical business intelligence and real-time patient information.
Cerecons provides healthcare organizations with innovative, affordable software solutions to help manage a wide range of clinical and operational data, and also provide patients with access to their healthcare information. A web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, Cerecons can be quickly installed and consistently maintained with minimal impact on internal IT resources. Health plans, medical groups, hospital administrators, physicians, and patients benefit from simplified healthcare transaction processing and coordination, allowing them to better manage patient care and efficiency throughout the care chain.

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Cerecons Provides Clinical Decision Support, Healthcare Dashboard, Personal Health Record Software, Dashboard Healthcare, Record Software for Personal Health, EDI Healthcare, Healthcare Software Development, Accountable Care Organization Software, Managed Care Software. About Medecision Cerecons - Newly Acquired by Medecision Cerecons is ONT-ATCB Certified Awards & Recognition