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Cerecons delivers proven solutions, tools and analytics that empower providers, hospitals, health plans and payers to improve care coordination and manage costs across the care chain.
Cerecons offers care coordination to support ACOs and other bundled payment initiatives to ensure patient flow with primary care, specialists and ancillary providers and enables appropriate care that is both targeted to specified conditions and cost effective.

  • Inpatient case management, which provides concurrent review capabilities with assessment management and discharge planning.

  • Provider messaging allows all involved clinicians to  discuss  patient care and appropriate treatment based on evidence-based care guidelines and Medical Director involvement.

  • Patient communication allows follow-up management for appeals and grievances as required by Medicare and other commercial plans including call intake tracking, queue/assignment capabilities, and resolution management.

  • Rules engines  provide the ability to review desired treatment based on a diagnosis or symptoms  checklist including tracking preferred providers and institution privileges for available options and network management.

  • Follow-up questions can also be asked at point of care to ensure post-treatment plans are appropriately followed.
Cerecons Care Coordination Features:
  • Inpatient Case Management
  • FaceSheet
  • Inpatient Care
  • Concurrent Review
  • Discharge Follow-up/Discharge Planning
  • Ambulatory care
  • Referral Processing Questions
  • Provider Communication
  • Patient Communication Module
  • Referral Intelligence – MILLIMAN
  • Referrals and Authorizations
    • Network Management
    • Preferred Providers
    • Hospital Privileges
    • Contracting Status

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