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Cerecons provides innovative, cloud-based software solutions that support clinical integration and decision making, population management and patient care coordination for Provider Groups, Health Plans, Payers and Hospital Networks.
Being accountable for delivering quality patient care while managing costs comes with inherent risk.

Successfully managing that risk requires that every participant in the care chain has access to the right tools, processes and resources to support clinical and operational decisions.

Cerecons provides innovative, cloud-based software solutions for organizations that take on clinical and financial risk for patient populations. These organizations typically include:
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Hospital Networks
  • Health Plans
  • Provider Groups
  • Management Service Organizations (MSOs)
  • Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)

Cerecons empowers medical decision makers to proactively manage quality of care and cost of care through a suite of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools that analyze large volumes of clinical data and provide decision support tools at the point of care. Cerecons software allows organizations to perform population management through the use of sophisticated rules engines that analyze clinical data to identify patients who need care. It also allows for Case and Chronic Care Management through the use of configurable clinical alerts that provide information to the provider at the point of care. The Community Electronic Health Record allows organizations to provide appropriate information to the right person at the right time.

Cerecons is a powerful cloud-based platform that empowers healthcare organizations with proven software tools to help them manage risk, increase quality and reduce costs - giving care constituents the real-time clinical decision support tools and sophisticated population and care analytics they need, when they need them.

Cerecons' private, cloud-based platform integrates data from disparate sources to deliver a comprehensive view of patients and their clinical needs.

Cerecons allows users to control costs and increase quality by providing population management, disease management, case management and chronic care management solutions.

Cerecons' cloud-based integration platform allows users to seamlessly integrate Cerecons solutions within their own environment with minimal impact and exceptional value.

With experience that counts more than 60,000+ primary care physicians and specialists as well as 1.2M patients, Cerecons' expertise in delivering proven, breakthrough solutions for providers, payers and hospitals in a managed healthcare environment is second to none.

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